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10 Helpful Tips For Selling On Mercari

The Following Tips Apply Not Only To Mercari. You Can Apply Them To Any Place You Sell Online.

In Our Experience Selling Online, We Find Them All True No Matter Where You Sell.  If You Haven’t Already Read Our Beginners Guide On Mercari, it Shows You Step By Step How To Sign Up And Get Your First Listing Up On Mercari. 

Use Natural Light When Possible

Use Natural Light When Possible Or A Lighting Kit. Natural Light Is The Best, But If It Rains A Lot Where You Live, It Isn’t Always Feasible To Use Natural Light. In This Case, Its A Good Lighting Kit Comes In Handy.

Perfect Light Rain Or Shine. We Recommend The LimoStudio Lighting Kit.  It’s Available On Amazon. It Works Perfectly For Taking Pictures Of Clothing Or Everyday Objects.

Use A Mannequin For Selling Clothing

If You Plan On Selling Clothing, Get A Mannequin. While You Can Take Your Photos Laid Flat On A Clean Background, A Mannequin Shows Your Potential Customers What A Particular Item Of Clothing Will Look Like On Them, Increasing The Chance They Will Want To Buy It.

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Use A Distraction-Free Simple Background

Keep Your Backgrounds Simple.  Don’t Clutter Your Images With Useless Props. Your Buyer Clicked On Your Listing Because They Were Interested In What You Have To Sell, Not What Props You Have In Your Photos. 

Keep It Clean And Simple. Show Clear, Focused Photos Of Your Item.  Use As Many Pictures As You’re Allowed To Use. The More Pictures You Use The More The Customer Has A Chance To See Your Item.

Inspect Your Items Before Listing Them

Inspect Your Items For Any Flaws. Before Listing Your Items Carefully Look It Over. Front And Back And Inside Out. Make Sure You Know Every Inch Of Your Item Before You List It. You Don’t Want To Be That Seller Who Discovers A Hole In An Item Or That The Item Doesn’t Work As Your Packing It To Ship It To Your Customer.

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There Is No Worse Feeling In The World Than Having To Email Your Customer And Tell Them You Have To Refund Their Money And Won’t Be Able To Send Them The Item You Sold.

Point Out Any Flaws

Point Out Any Flaws With The Item You Are Selling. Take Pictures Of Them. Some People May Be Tempted To Hide The Flaws Of An Item To Get A Sale. Believe Us, Your Buyer Will See Them And Be Returning The Item As Soon As It’s Delivered To Them. Usually At Your Expense.

So Be Honest About The Condition And Any Flaws Your Item Has, Your Future Self Will Thank You.

Have Your Shipping Supplies Ready

Have Your Shipping Supplies Ready Before Your Item Sells. There Is Nothing As A Buyer We Hate More Than Having To Wait For Our Items To Ship. Have Your Shipping Supplies Ready When Your Item Sales.

For Clothing Items Such As Shirts Or Pants, We Recommend Using Polymailers. They Are Tough Enough To Hold Up To Mailing Process, And Not So Heavy They Cause Your Postage To Go Up.

For Small Objects, We Recommend Using Boxes With Bubble Wrap Or Some Sort Of Padding. (DO NOT JUST DROP YOUR ITEM IN A BOX) It Will Get Damaged. Guaranteed.

Include A Personalized Message

Put A Letter Or Business Card Inside Your Package When You Go To Ship It. It Reminds Your Customer Who You Are And Lets Them Know You Care.

In This Word Of Automation And Faceless Corporations, Adding A Human Touch To A Transaction Can Go A Long Way. The Note Can Be As Simple As Saying Thank You For Your Order.

Disclose Any Pets You Have Or Don’t Have

If You Don’t Have Any Animals, Be Sure To State That Fact In Your Listings. Some Buyers May Be Allergic And Saying Your Items Come From A Pet Free Home Could Be What Gets You The Sale.

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On The Other Hand, If You Do Have Animals (Cats, Dog, Ferrets, Etc). Make Sure You Disclose This In Your Listing. Nothing Will Get Your Item Returned Faster Than Your Buyer Getting An Item Only To Find It Has Animal Hair On It They Weren’t Expecting.

Don’t Sell Garbage

We Don’t Mean This Literally (But Please Really Don’t Sell Garage). If Something Is Used To The Point That You Wouldn’t Buy It For Yourself. Then What Makes You Think Someone Else Could Buy It? We’re Not Saying Everything You Sell Has To Be New, But Don’t Sell Things You Know Are Past Their Selling Point, To Make A Few Bucks.

Keep Some Money In Reserve

Don’t Spend All Your Money Once You Receive It. You Need To Keep Some Money In Your Account To Cover Any Returns That Maybe Opened During The Time People Can Return Your Items (Usually 30-90 Days). This Keeps You From Having To Pull Money Out Of Your Own Checking Account. 


I Hope You Found These Tips Helpful I Have Been Selling Online For Over 15 Years. I Started Selling On eBay And Have Moved To Other Platforms Such As Amazon And, Most Recently, Mercari.  Mercari To Me Seems To Be The Simplest To Sell On Once You Get The Hang Of It.

For More Information On How To Get Your First Listing Up On Mercari.