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10 Tips To Help You With Selling More On Ebay

Are you looking for help selling more on eBay? You’re in the right place! In this article, we will show you 10 tips to help you sell more on eBay!

eBay is an e-commerce website that facilitates business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer sales. It’s based in San Jose, California, and has at least 182 million active buyers and 1.2 billion listings.

The high numbers have influenced active competition to get the attention of buyers.

Several successful eBay sellers have garnered positive feedback and competing sales.

Like most success stories these come with lessons learned. In this  article I’ll be highlighting the tips most of these successful sellers have shared along their journey to success.

Below are some of the best tips that will help you increase your eBay sales.

10 Tips For Selling More On eBay

1. Use Quality Photos to Attract Buyers

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Good quality images attract customers who want to see what they are buying. The current generation is drawn to visuals, and therefore good quality images will attract most buyers. There are specific tips for taking eBay product photos.

  • Use original photography of the product instead of the stock images. These present the product being sold well, and a potential buyer can identify it.
  • Use neutral backgrounds for your photos. A busy background can be distracting. Shooting your product in a well-lit and neutral background creates an image that is clear to the customers.
  • Use multiple angles to take photos. You should show the product from all angles. This provides the customers with complete pictures of how the product looks.
  • Provide the item scale. Giving the product scale gives the buyers a clear image of the size of the product.
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2. List Items Daily Instead Of All At Once

Selling More on eBay

Adding new items to the shop daily is much better than listing all items in one day. Regularly updating your inventory ensures that visitors have a new product to discover when they visit your store. This also ensures that you keep to a minimum your unlisted inventory.

Creating a good listing on eBay may take time, especially if you are just getting started selling. The eBay quick listing tool can help you by providing pricing and shipment guidance of products depending on previous sales.

3. Establish Trust With Your Customers

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You, as the seller, must establish trust at every point of sale. This ensures that you and your store portray a legitimate outlook to your customers.

All buyers want to purchase their items from trusted merchants who assure them of good quality products and timely delivery.

You have to assure your buyers enough faith in your brand, which will keep them coming more often.

Establishing trust means you to be upfront in your listings. This is by showcasing any defect or scratches a product might have.

This helps to maintain a positive reputation and enhance trust among your buyers. This results in good feedback in your eBay store, which in turn translates to more sales through traffic in your store.

4. Price Products Lower Than Your Competitors When Launching Your Store

Potential buyers often opt to pay close attention to the lowest prices offered.

Having lower prices to start up your store will give you an upper-hand to ensure that you show up high in most buyers’ results.

Low prices may provide little or close to no profit but, in the long run, generate more sales leasing to rise in the search results.

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If you keep a close look at the rising of your sales, you can start raising the prices of your products and start reaping the rewards of strategic marketing. Low priced products sell quickly and generate more sales. This results in a higher listing in eBay’s search results.

5. Offer Free Returns

Offering your customers a 30-day free return gives them confidence in your products.

This decision is made out of courage by the seller, and it is a way of treating your buyers with compassion.

This offer also places your store in the Top Rated Program giving you access to Top Rated seal displaying both your search results and listings.

Participation in these programs offers exclusive benefits such as a 10 percent discount on final value fees.

6. Offer Free Shipping

Providing free shipping to your buyers is one way of making your listing more appealing to your buyers.

Free shipping also simplifies your work as a seller since you won’t need to calculate the shipping costs for every item you ship out.

However, it may not be possible to provide free shipping for all your products, especially for heavy and fragile items.

But as your listings go up, offering free shipping is a major tip for selling at eBay.

7. Request Customer Feedback

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Receiving positive feedback from your buyers  establishes not only your credibility and trustworthiness but also improves your eBay’s search results.

According to Godin, you only require 20 percent feedback to learn about 90 percent of what you need to improve on.

8. Use Social Media to Showcase your Listings

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Sharing your listings on social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is a great way to attract more people to your store.

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Your followers are likely to purchase from your store since there’s an already established connection and relationship. This adds up to raise your sales.

9. Optimize Your Item Descriptions

This is one of the most essential features that you should include in your item description.

This ensures that all keywords regarding the item are displayed. Customers are more inclined to look at the important details about the item on sale and what’s at the top of a listing.

10. Consult eBay Listings For Pricing Advice

The price of an item sold is the most important factor buyers consider. Setting a competitive price influences the buyers’ willingness to purchase the product and also impacts on how visible the product is on the search results.

Completed listings help with determining fair prices for your products and guide the method of selling. Looking at the completed listings enables you to consider how successful sales were affected.

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Start Selling!

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It’s not easy for a first-time seller to implement all the tips highlighted above all at once. It is therefore advisable to start from where you are, start with few listings, but make them successful.

Establish a good reputation with your first buyer, they become your loyal customers, with several trials, you can start creating successful listings and begin making profits in the process. Starting requires patience, a good strategy and rewards will follow.