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25 Awesome Tips For Growing Your YouTube Channel

Growing your Youtube channel is an important part of growing your business.

Not only will it help establish your presence on Youtube, but will help with your future income.

In this article, we will go over 25 ways to help grow your Youtube channel!

1. Create Videos On A Single Topic or Keyword

It may look obvious, but creating a video around one keyword is an excellent way of getting the traffic that you need for growing a YouTube channel.

Many people who don’t know SEO best practices skip this step, but it is critical if your videos are to get the most viewers.

2. Reformat Existing Quality Content

Of course, the easiest way to develop your Youtube channel is to create great content. However, this content does not always have to be created from scratch.

You can create your best clips from the valuable, engaging, actionable content, and useful that you have already created.

Most people visit YouTube channels to look for answers and tutorials on the problems they are facing.

Therefore, the content that fixes the issues is very appropriate.

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3. Interact With Your Audience

It is essential to avoid overlooking the fact that YouTube is just a social media platform and thus requires social interactions.

If you only publish videos without stimulating comments and discussions, you are missing a tip.

YouTube rewards high-engagement channels, including the total time spent on the channel, reading time, dislikes and likes, and most essentially, comments.

Try responding to any comments you receive and request users to join the audiovisual news.

4. Get The Brand

So, your content is excellent. But is your channel visually appealing? Look professional if you are looking to attract visitors and subscribers.

By branding your YouTube channel, users can instantly recognize your content.

If you have a blog or website, you probably already have a look that will make you stand out from other people and/or companies.

Therefore, it is also a good idea to broadcast this brand on your YouTube channel.

Read our article on why branding your business is important.

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5. Promote Your YouTube Videos On Other Social Channels

The nice thing regarding social media is allowing you to advertise content across different platforms.

Promoting YouTube video clips on your social networks is the simplest method of growing your audience.

Are you on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or Pinterest? Choose from these and many more you are using.

6. Make An Appearance

If you use YouTube alone or in a small organization, putting your face on the screen can be extremely beneficial. When you face a brand, it’s easier for your audience to connect with you as an individual. This connection is especially crucial for bloggers-Fitness, life, or business trainers, and solo performers. Every video you make doesn’t have to have your face on it, but you need to communicate with your audience every few videos personally. If you are this type of YouTuber, use a photo of yourself on your YouTube channel.

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7. Post Interesting Thumbnails

They may seem small (because they are), but the thumbnails can have a significant impact. YouTube announces other thumbnails in its sidebar so you can stand out from the crowd. The same applies to YouTube searches. Videos with a catchy title and an attractive thumbnail usually have a higher rating, although the content itself is not as valuable as a higher clickthrough rate (CTR).

8. Use YouTube Cards

We’ve already talked about how YouTube reward channels keep visitors on your pages longer. The longer average sessions mean people care about their content. By adding YouTube maps, you can add additional recommended videos exactly when users are leaving.

9. Press For Subscriptions

You can be sure that viewers will be active on your YouTube channel when they “sign-in” to watch new videos. Ask viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel in every video you upload and to stay connected with your already subscribed users. This increases your engagement and affects the authenticity of your account in the long run.

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10. Increase Your Viewing Frequency

This tip may seem daunting at first, but to increase your audience, you need to increase how much your YouTube channel is viewed. Do not worry; You don’t need a design company or a sophisticated advertising budget. Consistency is paramount. Try to publish new content at the same time every day or week (depending on your frequency) and keep your subscribers up to date with new videos. So, stick to your schedule.

11. Publish A Series Of Videos

Create a series of videos on your YouTube channel so that you can turn one-time viewers into subscribers for full-time views.

To create a compelling series of videos, it must be linked to a specific keyword or topic so that you can optimize your content for YouTube search. Video series also help you establish yourself as an influencer or opinion leader in your niche when you create your YouTube channel.

12. Using Video Colabs

By hosting together with a YouTuber colleague, you can expand your YouTube channel, as this doubles your audience. This works because two YouTube channel subscribers watch your videos, meaning a wider reach, more viewers, and subscribers.

The idea behind hosting collaboration videos is that you are a co-host or that the guest has to adapt to your niche. You should have the same number of subscribers who support each other, but it’s best if your co-host has a larger audience to improve their YouTube channel.

13. Join The YouTube Community

Promoting your YouTube videos isn’t the only thing you need to develop your YouTube channel. It is also helpful to be an active part of the YouTube community. You can network, get comments, and share interests with people who share the same goals as you.

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The decision not to get involved with your community is like selling lemonade in your house, hoping that someone will come and buy the whole bottle. Get out there, join, and comment on other YouTubers’ content.

14. Embed Videos In Your Blog

In addition to uploading videos and placing links here and there, YouTube doesn’t offer many options to give your viewers more information. That is why it is so important to have a website for your brand.

A detailed blog that matches your YouTube channel allows people to learn by reading, watching, or both. If a blog is already running, you should try to embed the YouTube videos in your blogs and make them known by your audience. Adding a YouTube widget on your blog or website is also useful.

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15. Use SEO

SEO is not only meant for your website or blog posts but also a powerful tool to improve the ranking of your YouTube videos.

Oddly enough, most new YouTubers forget this, which is why their videos are rarely ranked on search or YouTube. To gain subscribers and develop your YouTube channel, you need to be seen. SEO is the best way to do this.

16. Use An Introductory Preview

Before you start creating your first YouTube videos, create an introductory video that introduces you, your brand, and the subject of your YouTube channel.

The introductory video is almost like a mini-preview of what’s going to happen. So, when non-subscribers go to your YouTube channel homepage, you can play it to convince them to stay and even subscribe for more content.

17. Expand Your YouTube Channel With Ads

Using organic growth for your YouTube channel is great, but adding a little paid action can speed things up a bit.

By creating a YouTube advertising campaign, you can attract viewers and subscribers to your site. Create an ad in your budget. For instance, only when someone is viewing your video ad or clicking on your link, like Facebook ads, but suitable for YouTube.

18. More Participation In Channels

Now that you have content, SEO, and video creation, you need to interact with your subscribers and commentators.
Answering comments on your video is a good place to start, even for negative comments. Show new and current viewers that you are active and listen to your audience.
If you’re using YouTube for business, this is a great place to get viewers interested in your products or services.

19. YouTube Analytics

Using YouTube analytics and reports is critical to the success of your YouTube channel. Your analysis is tailored to your YouTube channel, which you can use to determine where there is room for improvement and whether your efforts will pay off.
Some people stay away from their Creator Studio (where their YouTube reviews are), as this can seem overwhelming. But if you avoid it, you can’t understand it better.

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20. Electronic Newsletters

Yes, you can use email to develop your YouTube channel. Combined with email subscribers from your websites, you can get updated subscribers and promote your videos through email.
You can send embedded videos or links to new content to create a YouTube channel that gets more traffic to your YouTube videos.

21. YouTube Cards

What are YouTube Cards?
YouTube cards are interactive “panels” that show and hide when your video is almost done. The goal is to encourage viewers with content that may be of interest to them. You can add up to 5 cards, including images, text, or clickable links.

22. Avoid The Distractions In Your Video

Long breaks, curvy conversations, changing from one topic to another, or your boring content can make people watch the recommended videos for something more interesting.
Keep the tangents to a minimum. If you move away from the subject, make sure that it is visually appealing or has a story. Do not give your viewers any reason for clicking away.
To avoid distractions while keeping your videos engaging and fast, you can quickly cut from one photo to another.

23. Live On YouTube

Live streaming is a great way to pump content without wasting too much time. While live streaming has a defined learning curve, after mastering the format, live video is the easiest way to create video content. Live streaming is highly compatible with all social media platforms. This video format offers excellent opportunities for engagement because you can communicate directly with your audience. Live videos also have long payback times.

24. Sustainable Workflow For Video Production

Regularly uploading videos attract people to learn more.
Whatever type of video you want to create, choose content that you can develop and create regularly, and find ways to optimize your workflow, Refine your topics and workflows until your process is a well-oiled machine.

25. Make Sure Your Video And Audio Quality Is Adequate

There is nothing worse than watching a poor-quality video, but the worst thing is that it sounds bad.

Record from start to finish in HD or higher quality if possible.
If you record your videos and talk about them, you can use your smartphone. You don’t need any other expensive devices. However, I would invest in an external clip microphone to improve audio quality.