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Best Places To Get Stock Photos

Starting and running a blog requires a little investment. Apart from paying for the hosting platform, you need to make your site attractive by incorporating pictures in your content. In case you are a blogger looking for sites to purchase or obtain stock photos, this is the right article for you. Let’s take a look at some of the free and paid stock photo companies you can resort to.

What Are Some Of The Best Free Stock Photo Companies?

There exist several sites where you can obtain your blog images freely. Take a look at these:

Stock Photos
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels


Pexels is undoubtedly one of the most frequented free stock photos sites. It has a vast collection of photos and videos from different content creators worldwide.

Most bloggers love it because of proper organization, where you can quickly source stock photos depending on your target category. Pexel is a giant site when it comes to quality.

Most people expect low quality for unpaid options, which is not the case with Pexels. All the stock photos are royalty-free and licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CCO) license.

This site also has discovery pages where you can quickly browse the right image for your website. There is a search tab in case you are looking for something specific. You can view the different weekly challenges, where creators upload stock photos and stock videos to win prizes.

Lastly, a leaderboard section houses users with the highest number of views in a month. You can, therefore, use stock photos shot by renowned and professional photographers worldwide.


  • It has a search feature.
  • It has a video collection.
  • It has high-quality images.


  • Images are not handpicked.

Stocksnap Image


We cannot talk about free stock photos without mentioning StockSnap.io. If you are looking for free high-resolution images, then StockSnap.io is the place to be.

This site has thousands of photos from different creators worldwide. The search feature even makes it better. You can easily browse through the vast collection of pictures until you find what you are looking for.

Just like Pexels, there is a trending section where you can view the most popular images on the website.

This site also frequently updates its photo collection. You get to see new amazing images every day. You do not have to worry about the licensing since all the photos are released under the creative commons public domain.


  • The photo collection is frequently updated.
  • It has a vast selection of photos.
  • It stocks quality images.


  • It lacks a video collection.

Unsplash Image


Unsplash is one of the best free stock photo companies based on the traffic it obtains and its number of users. It has a vast collection of beautiful and top-quality images from different creators.

This site has an active team that goes through the new submissions and identifies the best stock photos they feature on their homepage. You will access the best at ease.

Do not worry about licensing since all the images in this site are covered by the Unsplash License. It has several discovery pages to help you get the photos of your choice.

There is nature, current events, travel, wallpapers, and many more pages loaded with thousands and thousands of stock photos. You can also make use of the search button.


  • Best photos are featured on the homepage.
  • It has different discovery pages.
  • It is properly organized.


  • There are no challenges for content creators, and therefore, bulk submissions may not be frequent.

Burst Image


If you love Shopify, then here is something for you. Burst is a free stock photo site that is owned by Shopify. I am pretty sure that you already have high expectations based on Shopify’s success.

Burst serves different fields, but it mainly targets entrepreneurs. Shopify launched it to offer free high-resolution images to help entrepreneurs come up with amazing products, websites, and marketing campaigns.

However, this does not mean that you won’t benefit as a blogger- most of the stock photos in their vast collection are still relevant.

Burst deals in original photos, licensed under the Creative Commons CCO, and the parent company’s photo license.

The images are themed around trending business fields such as fashion and art. For bloggers, you will find general stock photos that you can use on your blog or websites. All in all, you will get all these at no cost.


  • It deals in original photos
  • The photos are themed around trending business niches.
  • Shopify owns it.


  • It mostly targets entrepreneurs.

Reshot Image


Reshot is the best option if you are looking for quality handpicked free stock photos for your website. It has thousands of original images. You won’t find most of these stock photos anywhere, which is a good thing if you want to stand out. Reshot was built to serve startups, freelancers, and content creators in dire need of fantastic photos to support their ventures.

 All the images available on the site can be used for commercial and editorial purposes freely. The home page features amazing trending photos. You will also see the frequently searched photos.


  • The site has unique photos.
  • The photos are handpicked hence high quality.
  • No attribution is required when using the photos.


  • It has no discovery pages.

Stock Photo Paid Options 

Some sites will charge you for stock photos. Let’s take a look at these and their pricing plans.

photocase 1 Image


Photocase is an excellent resource for simple stock photos. These stock photos come in different sizes, depending on your needs and specifications. They are more expensive than most premium sites.

However, based on the quality of photos they offer, you are not going at a loss. This site does not just upload any random photos. Their employees handpick the images. They usually source images from high-end photographers all over the world.

Purchasing the image rights of an image guarantees you legal protection, and therefore you can use these photos royalty-free.

You can either pay for images through cash or buy credits.

Web Size
Print Size
Full Size
5 Credits
10 Credits
15 Credits
0.8 Megapixel, 72 dpi4 Megapixel, 300 dpiMax resolution 300 dpi
Photocase Pricing

If you need a small 0.8 Megapixel photo for your website, it will cost you $14 or 5 credits.

A 4 megapixel 300 dpi medium-size print will cost $28 or ten credits.

A large full-size photo of maximum resolution and 300 dpi costs $42 or 15 credits.

You will get a discount of 20% if the images are for editorial purposes.

25 Credits$5520%
50 Credits$10025%
100 Credits$19030%
250 Credits$45035%
500 Credits$83040%
1000 Credits$1,52045%
Photocase Credit Pricing

In case you choose to go the credit way, 25 credits cost $55, 50 credits $100, and 100 credits $190. You will part with $450 for 250 credits and $830 for 500 credits. You can also get 1000 credits for $1520.


  • It provides high-quality images.
  • The photos are royalty-free.
  • You get discounts for editorial purposes.


  • It is costly
shutterstock Image


With a vast collection of over 70 million images, Shutterstock is undoubtedly one of the biggest photo stock companies in the world. It runs a subscription program that suits those in need of constant photos.

There are different plans depending on your budget and needs. One of best things about Shutterstock is its pay-as-you-go plan, where you get a set number of images at a particular flat price.

Their image library is diverse, sprawling with photos from different ends of the world.

You are definitely going to find what you are looking for if you conduct extensive research. This site has a free one-month trial plan where you will get ten images for free.

Monthly, No ContractAnnual Billed MonthlyAnnual Billed Upfront
10 Images$49/Mo$29/Mo$299/Yr
50 Images$125/Mo$99/Mo$979/Yr
350 Images$199/mo$169/Mo$1,649/Yr
750 Images$249/Mo$199/Mo$1,999/Yr
ShutterStock Single User Subscription Pricing

Ten images cost $49 a month for single users, whether you are subscribing or buying on demand. 

50 images cost $125, 350 images $199, and 750 images that cost $259 monthly.

2 Users3-10 Users11+ Users
750 Images/Mo$375$479Contact
Shutterstock Multiple User Pricing

Two multiple users will part with $379 a month for 750 images. 3-10 users will pay $479 a month on the other hand.


  • It has different price plans.
  • It has over 70 million photos.
  • It offers a one-month free trial.


  • Getting the right image might take some time owing to their vast library
Getty Images Image

Getty Images

You must have come across photos with a Getty image tag. Getty Images is one of the most popular stock photo companies. Most of their creations are used by popular brands and companies worldwide.

It also runs other stock photo divisions such as iStock. This site has a vast photo collection of all recent events, which makes it ideally suited for your blog. Their photography team takes most of their photos, which makes them the best site for editorial images.

Large Images
4K & HD Videos
Medium Images
SD Videos
Small Images
Low-Res Videos
5 Pack$2250
$450 Per
$325 Per Download
$160 Per
10 Pack$4250
$425 Per
$300 Per Download
$150 Per
Gettyimages Pricing

Getty Images is, however, quite expensive. For single small images, you will part with $175 per download. Five pack costs $800, and Ten pack goes for $1500. Individual medium-sized photos cost $375 per download. Five and ten packs cost $1625 and $3000, respectively. Large photos will cost $499 per download. Five will cost you $2250, and ten will be $4250.


  • It deals with high-quality editorial images.
  • The photos are of high quality.
  • It is a big brand.


  • The photos are expensive.


Several stock photo companies can help you make your blog more interesting. However, before settling on one, consider factors such as the image quality and how frequently you want those images. Also, remember that there are free and paid versions.

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