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Guide to Selling On Poshmark

Selling your unwanted clothes from home is nothing new. But whereas eBay and Depop are already established voices on the market, Poshmark presents a fresher alternative. The app allows you to sell your clothes in a few easy steps from your phone, makes listing and shipping items easier, and even allows you to bargain on prices. Although starting to sell items on Poshmark is easy, there are a few things that you need to know. Here is our complete guide, covering everything you need to know about selling on Poshmark. Let’s go!

Signing Up and Creating A Profile

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The first step is to create a Poshmark account and create your profile. Start by downloading the app. Sign up and fill in the info about yourself. You will be asked to give details on your gender, size and say a little more about what you like to wear and the brands you love. Don’t skip this part! Creating a well-written, detailed profile is pretty essential when it comes to making sales.

Listing Your Items

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As soon as you have created your profile, you will be able to start listing your items. You should give as much detail as possible on the piece of clothing you’re putting up for sale: from the size to the fit, its condition, the brand, and even the year if it’s a vintage piece. Don’t hesitate to get specific with the descriptions. Especially if you are selling more expensive, designer items, customers want to know what they are buying before committing to a purchase. So describe the fabric, the piece’s feel, the damage, or lack thereof that the piece has received. If you specialize in vintage items, it helps to show knowledge in the topic: tell users a bit more about where the piece comes from, what it can be worn with, how rare or collector it is. With each new listing, you should also add a couple of pictures of the item.

How To Take Pictures That Sell

When people scan through the app, your item is much more likely to attract attention if you’re using a good quality, well-lit photograph. But that doesn’t mean you have to have professional equipment or spend a lot of time on your pictures. Gather all the clothing which you are going to sell and start setting up your photography space. Ideally, you’ll want a completely blank wall as a background or something pretty like a garden or a door. Next, make sure that you have flattering lighting on. You want to use a bright artificial light that shines right on the area you are going to photograph, or lots of natural sunlight; if you plan to use sunlight or make your shoot outside, try to find a mainly sunny day, as it will give the best effect on your pictures.

Whether you want to pose as a model for the items or take pictures of them on a hanger is up to you. However, people generally find it useful to see the item worn, get a better sense of how the material falls, or access what it could be accessorized with. If you are not camera-shy and have a bit of time, it can be well worth taking pictures of yourself wearing the items.

Decide On A Price

To make sales on Poshmark, you can’t be selling your items for too high a price. However, it is also a site where designer items go out for hundreds of dollars—so don’t undersell yourself. The best way to figure out the price point to put your item is to check out how much others are charging for a similar one. If you are selling a classic pair of Levis Jeans, you won’t succeed if your price point is way over all of the other Levis Jeans on the app. If you are selling a rarer item, use your discretion. You could sell it for up to 70% of the original price if it has barely been worn, but you will need to adjust accordingly if the item is damaged or worn off. As a general rule, there is not much point selling an item for under $10, and only quality designer items go for over $50.

Networking And Advertising Your Items

Something which Poshmark users either love or hate is the app’s inbuilt social system. Unlike eBay, you are not expected to simply list items. For users to see your listings, you have to stay relevant, meaning you have to be active and share your listings. For that, you are going to have to invest a little bit of time in the project.

Once you share your listing, it will quickly go out of sight if you don’t reshare it regularly or encourage others to reshare it. The first step which you can take in staying active is to reshare your items every day and upload new listings one by one throughout a couple of days or weeks.

Next, you’ll want to start networking with other sellers. That means liking and sharing other people’s listing who may have a similar audience to yours. Make sure that you also follow them, as this generally encourages people to reciprocate. Your network will build little by little but will help you generate more sales.

Finally, Poshmark has its own in-app networking events: Posh Parties. Posh parties are promotions that occur several times a day. They are focused on just one type of clothing, say plus-sized, men’s, or denim. As a seller, stay on the lookout, and when a Posh Party corresponds to one of the items you’re selling, jump right in! Although Posh Parties require you to stay active on the app, they also provide some of the best return on investment as they generally generate a lot of interest for your listings.


Poshmark not only allows bargaining, but it also encourages it. Users will rarely purchase your item at the price you listed, but instead will send you a personalized offer for a lesser amount. This is all part of a game and can be a fun way to interact with your audience once you get into it. Remember to sell your items for a bit more money than you expect to see them go, and don’t feel like you have to accept every offer that comes your way. If you know your item is worth more, don’t undersell it. A better offer will come in time.

Users also have the possibility of sending you an offer for a ‘bundle.’ A bundle means that they would like to purchase more than one of your listings, say two dresses, a hat, and a pair of shoes. Since they want to buy more than one item, they’re also expecting to get a better price for the deal. In many cases, and especially if you are keen to sell your items fast, it can be a good idea to make advantageous offers to those willing to buy a few different things from you.

Shipping Your Items

You’ve learned how to list items, photograph them, and network so that they show up in search results. And now you got your first sale—great! As soon as the buyer agrees to purchase your item, Poshmark will email you a shipping label. Print it out and stick the item on a priority mailbox. Make sure to fold the item you are selling nicely and if you are hoping to get returning customers, include a little card in the package. Post it, and the post system will take care of the rest. You will also be notified by Poshmark when your item is sent and received by the buyer.

Get Paid!

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Once the buyer has received your package, they’ll confirm the purchase, and money will get sent directly into your account by Poshmark.—easy!

What is the Cost of selling on Poshmark?

The fee structure for selling on Poshmark is fairly straight forward.

  1. For sales under $15.00, Poshmark charges a flat fee of $2.95 on all sales.
  2. For Sales Over $15.00, Poshmark Charges a Fee of 20%.

What About Doing It Professionally?

If reselling clothes is something you enjoy doing, you could consider selling on Poshmark, a side hustle that brings in income. Quite a few people have generated thousands of dollars of revenue by reselling clothes on Poshmark. If you want to do that, you’ll need to commit to the app’s social media aspect. You’ll also need to understand what sells and how you can get your hands on it. If customer service, modeling, photography, selling, and buying are attractive to you, why not give this little home business a try?

Poshmark is the newest, hottest app you can use to resell clothes online. Although signing up, creating a profile, and listing items is very easy, being successful on the app can take a while. You’re going to have to learn how to work in-app social media strategies and negotiate the price of your items. Once you get a good feel for it, it’s an enjoyable app to use and a great way to make money by selling old or unwanted clothing pieces.

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