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Returning An Item On Mercari: A Helpful Illustrated Guide

Sometimes buying stuff on Mercari doesn’t work out. This short guide will show you what to do when something goes wrong, and you need to return an item you bought on Mercari.

Table Of Contents

How To Open A Return Using The Mercari App

Steps To Opening A Return On Mercari

Step 1

Open the Mercari app and click your username in the top left-hand corner.  This will open the settings menu.

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Step 2

Scroll down and click “Help Center”

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Step 3

Scroll down and click “Contact Us”

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Step 4

Scroll down to the bottom and click “Contact Us.”

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Step 5

Tap on “Returns,” and a window will popup.

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Step 6

Click “Buying,” click the item you want to return in the popup window, and fill out the return form.

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Reasons You Can Return

  • Item is not as described – an example would be if you received an item listed as new but is used or an item that was listed as a size large, but you receive a small.
  • Undisclosed damage to the item, such as a hole in a piece of clothing or a portion of the item is broken or doesn’t work.
  • The seller has not shipped the item.
  • Incorrect/missing item. – The wrong item was shipped, or the item is missing parts.
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Reasons You Can’t Return

  • Item does not fit. – Message the seller and request measurements if they don’t show them in the listing will help prevent this issue.
  • Changed mind. You can not return an item just because you change your mind.
  • Request for return made more than three days after receiving your item.
  • Return request made after rating the seller. 

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What Do You Need To Include In The Return Form?

Give a brief description of the reason you want to return the item. Make sure it is one of the reasons listed above in the Reasons I Can Return section.

You will need to provide at least 4 photos of the item you are returning, you can provide more, which I recommend.

Make sure the photos:

  •  Are focused and Clear
  • Include all sides of the item.
  • Include all of the items you received in the package (not just what you want to return).
  • Show the packaging you received the item in and the shipping label on the package.
  •  For phones, include the IMEI/Serial Number (if applicable).

How Long Do I Have To Return An Item?

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Return requests must be made within 3 DAYS OF CONFIRMED DELIVERY and BEFORE YOU RATE THE SELLER.

All sales are final three days after delivery or after you rate the seller. You mustn’t rate the seller! Once you rate the seller, you will not be able to open a return. I made this mistake on one of the first items I bought.

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The Following are some of the questions I get asked most frequently, about returning an item on Mercari.

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