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How Do I Sell Stuff on eBay?

With 182 Million eBay users on eBay worldwide.  eBay is one of the largest eCommerce selling platforms on the web today. Competing with platforms such as AmazonMercari, and Bonanza just to name a few.

eBay, being as big as it is, allows millions of eyes to see the items you have for sale. You can sell pretty much anything on eBay, with only a few exceptions. Vintage Figurines YES!  Kidneys Not so much.

So if you want to sell some of your unwanted items you can try your luck at selling them on eBay!

If you’ve never sold anything on eBay, getting started can seem intimidating. You may have questions such as:

How do I set up a seller’s account?

How do I set up a Paypal account?

What fees are involved in selling on eBay?

How do I make my first listing?

Following our guide you’ll learn all of these things and be selling your unwanted stuff for cash in no time.

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How To Open Your Seller’s Account on eBay

To begin selling on eBay you’ll need a seller’s account. The good news is it’s Free!

Ebay Desktop Signup form

Register for eBay

Just fill out your basic info and tap ‘Create Account.’ You will have to accept eBay’s license agreement, Privacy Notice, and confirm your email address when registering, so make sure to use a valid one. Alternatively, you can use your Facebook or Google account to register as well.

eBay will send you an account confirmation email, once you receive this email and verify your email address your account will be set up.

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How To Open Your Paypal Account

Now that you have your eBay account setup you’ll need to set up a PayPal account. Paypal is how people will pay you for the items you sell on eBay.

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To get started go to Paypal.com scroll to the bottom of the page and tap ‘Sign Up For Free’. 

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You will have to choose between a Personal Account or Business Account. A personal account will do for now. When you start selling more volume, you may want to consider moving up to a business account.

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You will be asked to enter your first name, last name, email address, and password. The email you use here will become your username, and it will be what you give people so they can pay you (think of it the same way you give people your phone number when you want them to call you, you give them your email when you want them to pay you.)

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What Selling Fees Will You Have To Pay?

Now that you have your eBay and Paypal accounts setup we want you to understand what fees you’ll have to pay on both sites for listing and selling an item.


eBay fees are broken down into 2 types. An Insertion fee and a Final Value Fee. Insertion Fees are fees you pay to list your items on eBay.This Fee Averages about $0.35 per listing for most categories.

Currently, eBay allows you to list(or relist) 50 items a month without having to pay this fee. Anything after the first 50 the fee will apply.

Final Value Fees are percentage fees you pay only if/when your item sells. The fee can vary depending on the category and price of your item sold. But it is usually 10% or less.

Learn more about Ebay seller fees on eBay’s official website.


Paypal has its own fees as well. They are a little easier to understand than eBay fees.

Paypal charges 2.9% + $0.30 of the payment you receive from your buyer.

For example, if you receive $20 from selling an item, your PayPal fees would be $0.88, that’s $20 x 10% + $0.30 or ($0.58+$0.30).

FinalFeeCalc.com has a handy calculator for estimating your fees before you sell.

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How To List Your First Item On eBay!

Click This First

After opening the eBay App, Tap on the icon in the top left corner of the screen. Tapping this will cause a menu to pop out from the side of the screen.


Look for ‘Selling’ near the bottom of the menu and tap it. Then tap ‘LIST AN ITEM’ at the top of the page that opens.

Tapping this will bring up a page where you can search for the item you’re selling.

Click Third

Be as descriptive as you can. For example, if you have a shirt to sell, searching for a ‘shirt’ won’t give you the results ‘men’s green button-front shirt’ will.


After searching for your item, you will be presented with a list of things that match your search. Look through the list, choose one that matches your item or come close to matching your item, and tap ‘SELL YOURS’ at the bottom of the page. You can always change the details later if needed.

Creating A Title That Sells!

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Look over the eBay generated title, make sure all the info is correct. If you are selling a large shirt, make sure it says large and not extra-large! The more information you can give your buyers, the better. Think of what you would want to know if you were buying this item, then put that in the title! 

Photos: Selling Your Item Without Saying A Word

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Tap the + button. If you already have pictures on your device, select them from your gallery. If not, you can use your device’s camera to take photos of your item. eBay allows you to use us to 12 pictures for free.

Use all of the photos eBay gives you! Take pictures from every angle of your item, point out any flaws.

When taking your pictures, take them as if you couldn’t describe your item in words, and your buyer had to get all the details from only the pictures.

Be Specific With Item Specifics

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Look over this info carefully! Since we’re using another listing as a template, some of the info may be wrong or missing. If you need to edit any of the info, tap the pencil icon and the bottom of the section.

Choosing The Best Category

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Like with the item specifics, make sure this category matches what your selling. It should be correct if you chose a similar item to what you’re selling. If like before, it’s not. Tap the pencil icon and change it.

Pricing Your Item To Sell

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For specific items, eBay will show a suggested price. This price is pulled from similar listings and gives you an idea of how much your item may sell for providing all the info is the same. You, of course, are free to change this by using the pencil icon.

Setting Up Shipping For Your Item

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As with the price eBay will fill in the info on certain items. The info is based on what similar items shipped for. You can change this info if needed.

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Here you make sure your information is correct. If any of the info isn’t correct tap the pencil icon to change it. 

List, Preview or Save?

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You’re Almost Done! Tap ‘PREVIEW’ if you want to see what your listing will look like before you list it; Tap’ SAVE FOR LATER’ if you want to save the listing as a draft; you can come back work on at a later time and Tap ‘LIST YOUR ITEM’ if you’re ready to list your item. That’s it; you’re done! Now you can sit back and wait for your item to sell!  


Congratulations! You’ve listed your first item on eBay! But don’t stop there,  remember eBay gives you 50 free insertions each month. So get out there and find stuff to sell!