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Jungle Scout Review: Best Product Finder For Amazon FBA?

If you’re unfamiliar with Jungle Scout, then continue reading to familiarize yourself with this web-based app. In this Jungle Scout review, we will show you how Jungle Scout can help you discover profitable products. Whether you’re thinking about selling on Amazon, or you already are an Amazon seller, You should consider taking a look at Jungle Scout.

What Is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a product research tool that guides Amazon sellers in finding the right products to sell using Amazon FBA.

The CEO of Jungle Scout, Greg Mercer started out as an Amazon Seller five years ago. He wanted to create a way to offer the same opportunities to beginners looking for financial freedom. Jungle Scout allows you to search through their product database, input specific criteria, and receive a listing of products to explore.

How Does Jungle Scout Work? 

To begin, you input specific filters in Jungle Scout’s product database to research. You can discover profitable products based on the supply and demand of customers. This tool allows you to make an informed decision before investing in specific products saving you money.

Jungle Scout Review

In this review of Jungle Scout, we will go over what each feature is and explain how the pricing works. 

What Are The Features of Jungle Scout?

With the various features on Jungle Scout, you can fully discover profitable products and opportunities to increase sales. These features alone will put you one step above the competition.

Supplier Database

This is where you search for products in the Amazon catalogs. Put your filters in place and add them to the product tracker. The product database is where you are able to find your next big thing.

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Product Tracker

Here is where you input your product ideas, in order to track the performance. You can monitor your competition, average daily sales, and watch demand changes over a period of time. This helps to keep you abreast of current trends, overly competitive product markets, and calculate fees and profits.

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Niche Hunter

Have you ever wondered what particular types of products appeal to consumers? This allows you to verify the longevity of a specific product, for investment purposes. Look for average sales and prices to enable you to receive the most profitable opportunities.

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Keyword Scout

This feature allows you to identify specific trends in order to boost your sales. Uncover what keywords customers are searching and build campaigns around them.

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Other Benefits Of Jungle Scout

  • Access to the supplier database
  • Category and seller ranking
  • Track reviews and product ratings
  • Manage Finances

The supplier database puts you in touch with suppliers and manufacturers for your product ideas. You can perform searches through this database by using the name, product, or custom filters.

Supplier database

Jungle Scout is available in more than one format. There are the extension and the web application. Those who currently utilize this tool tend to prefer the extension over the web app. The extension is a browser plug-in, added to the Chrome browser. However, for optimal results, it is recommended to use both products together.

Jungle Scout Extension

The Chrome extension allows you to receive more accurate research data while browsing Amazon. With the extension, you can export data for offline accessibility. The web-based app finds, filters, and tracks products; the extension retrieves data directly from Amazon search pages.

Jungle Scout has so much to offer that to encourage sellers to utilize this research tool; subscription prices have been discounted. Typically, you would have to purchase the web-based solution and the extension separately, however for a limited time; you can purchase bundled packages.

Jungle Scout Pricing

There are several different plans to choose from; unfortunately, none of the plans offer a free trial. However, you can choose from a monthly or annual subscription. For those that currently have an Amazon Seller Central Account, the monthly cost is based on orders processed in the previous 30 days, which means that your price could change from month to month.

For $39, you can subscribe to Jungle Scout for one month. Usually, this plan would cost you $49/mo. This gives you access to the following features:

  • Product Database
  • Product Tracker
  • Supplier Database
  • Keyword Scout
  • Niche Hunter
  • Sales Analytics
  • Jungle Scout Academy

$149, gets you both Jungle Scout and Extension for three months. You will have access to the features in the $39 option, plus you will have access to additional options.

  • One-Click Amazon sales
  • Historical sales
  • Advanced filters

If you just want to use Extension separately, you can pay $159 for a one-year subscription. The monthly cost for this version usually is $39/mo. This will allow you to take advantage of the following features:

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  • AccuSales Estimates
  • One-Click Amazon sales
  • Historical sales
  • Advanced filters

Currently, for a limited time, you can pay $399 to access both Jungle Scout and Extension. Looking at the features, it benefits you to have access to both. This would typically cost you $69/mo. With both Jungle Scout and Extension bundles, you receive more accurate and detailed information regarding a product. These costs are based on up to 500 monthly orders. You can quickly determine your monthly fee by checking your Seller Central account and viewing the number of orders that you have processed.

Jungle Scout accepts payment in forms of American ExpressVisa, or Mastercard. If you are unable to provide a credit card, you have the option to email support@junglescout.com, and they can send over a PayPal invoice to you. Once payment is processed and received, you will be able to access Jungle Scout. Keep in mind that although there is not a free trial, you have 14-days to examine the product. If you are unsatisfied, you can email Jungle Scout for a refund.

Understanding Jungle Scout

The process in which Jungle Scout works requires patience. This means you need to follow at least a 30-day analysis before deciding on a product. This is why Jungle Scout requires a 30-day waiting period before they allow you to purchase a product through this mechanism.

Jungle Scout is continuously engineering additional features to boost sales for Amazon Sellers. They will roll out new features and allow you to test drive them before upgrading. Recently, Jungle Scout has added additional sales features to increase revenue and customer communication.

New Tools Within Jungle Scout

As mentioned previously, Jungle Scout believes in monitoring trends and finding ways to improve this product research tool. New features are continually being added and made available. Jungle Scout Launch helps to promote additional sales through campaigns and promotions. It is a customer email outreach feature that allows you to promote your Amazon products utilizing Jungle Scout.

The Launch feature from Jungle Scout allows you to connect with customers and by sending out automated emails. It is said to reduce negative reviews and increase correspondence with your customers. Through this feature, you can create campaigns for specific customer actions. It is important to note, however, the campaign promotion feature is available in the U.S. and U.K. only at this time. This includes, but not limited to:

  • Refund requests
  • Order confirmation
  • Updates on shipping and delivery
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Through Jungle Scout Launch, you will have unlimited Amazon Listing Builder, Automated email follow-up and promotions, and discounts for products. Another reasonably new feature with Jungle Scout is the Sales Analytics tool. This new feature allows you to monitor the financial spectrum of your business. With the Sales Analytics tool, you can view:

  • Amazon sales data
  • Discover ways to decrease costs and increase profits
  • View profits whether across the business or regarding products

Reviews of Jungle Scout

According to Trustpilot, Jungle Scout received 4.6 out of 5 stars, based on 1368 reviews. The ease of use received the highest score, while the pricing received the lowest score. Customers complained about making separate payments for the Web App and Chrome extension. Hence, the offering of the bundled packages.

Other complaints consisted of the compatibility of marketplaces around the world. Currently, Jungle Scout and Extension can be used within the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, India, and now Europe. The drawback is that not all features are available to Jungle Scout users in these areas.

On the positive side, It is praised for the number of resources available to users. Users also rave about the various filters made available to them to search for products. Being able to monitor trending keywords then building product listings from that is another plus that users prefer.


The information given to you should be enough to provide you with a quick insight into the benefits of using Jungle Scout. If you currently have an Amazon Seller Central account, or you have been thinking about becoming a seller, this product research tool is a must needed investment.

The payment plans available make this tool an affordable option, even if you don’t have a lot to invest. Trying it at the lowest tier provides you with enough opportunities to increase profits and sales. Jungle Scout will guide you in making informed decisions based on accurate and detailed research before committing to a product investment. You can avoid the pitfalls of an overly competitive market, as well as tracking trends and performance based on specific products.


 Risk free, 14-day Money Back Guarantee!