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Mercari Fees – What You Should Know Before Getting Started

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Mercari is a great selling platform for making a little extra money, but its good to know what to expect before getting started. Therefore in this guide, I’ll cover what fees to expect, the supplies you should have before starting, and step by step how to list your first item on Mercari.

How Much Does It Cost To Sell On Mercari?

Mercari charges a flat 10% selling fee once you complete a sale. Other fees can include a $2 fee for direct deposit requests under $10 and a $2 processing fee if your bank rejects your direct deposit.

Note: Starting October 1st, 2020 under updated terms of service Mercari will begin charging sellers a payment processing fee of 2.9% of the item purchase price + $0.30 for every completed sale.

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What Supplies Should You Have Before Starting?

Before your first sale, you should have something to ship your item in. By having your shipping supplies ready, you’ll cut down on the time it takes to get your items out the door.

If you’re selling items such as clothing or non-fragile items, poly mailers are the way to go. For larger or fragile items, boxes with bubble wrap are your best bet.

Another thing to consider is your item may be going across the country or around the world! For this reason, make sure you use good quality shipping tape.  

I can’t stress this enough…


10 rolls for $15 is not a deal if your package comes open halfway to its destination and you have to refund the buyer! 

Recommended Items

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Why Do You Need A Postage Scale?

Why Do You Need A Postage Scale?

Having a postage scale allows you to know the exact weight of your package. Not only does this save you money by not wasting postage, but it keeps your customers from having to pay postage due.

I recommend the Dymo 25lb USB scale.

This scale allows you to connect via USB to your computer.  It also integrates with shipping programs such as Shipstation

While prices vary from one manufacturer to another, you can usually get one on Amazon for $20 – $60. The price is usually based on the weight capacity of the scale. 

If you know you will only be selling items under 5 pounds there is no need to spend extra money on a 50lb scale. Save that money and invest it elsewhere in your business.

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When Do You Need A Label Printer?

If you find yourself selling more than a few items a day, you may want to consider getting a label printer.

While you’re also welcome to use sheet labels and a regular printer to print your labels. A label printer has the added benefit of being quick and efficient and it also saves you money on ink as thermal printers don’t use it.

One-click and your label is printed and ready to go one of your package.

I use and recommend the 4XL label printer by Dymo.

If you get this printer, Don’t forget the labels.

Seller Tip: If you need a place to find more items to sell, check out Amazon’s outlet section on their website. They have low prices on markdowns, clearance items, and overstock items.

What Is Mercari?

What Is The Mercari App?

The Mercari App is an app for Apple phones and Android phones that allows you to buy and sell products on the Mercari online market place. It works similarly to how eBay works. It allows you to sell your unwanted items by taking a few pictures, adding some details, setting a price, and listing your item.

In this guide, I’ll show you step by step how to do this, the first step is to join Mercari. Don’t worry it’s free to join and you even get $10 to spend on Mercari for signing up. Who doesn’t like free money!

-> Join Mercari <-

What Can I Sell On Mercari?

You can sell almost anything you would otherwise sell on other online selling platforms such as eBay or Amazon with a few exceptions. The following are some of the things you’re not allowed to sell on Mercari.

  • Anything illegal.
  • Drugs.
  • FDA Restricted Items.
  • Inflated Prices attempting to profit from tragedies.
  • Stolen Goods.
  • Counterfeit Goods.
  • Weapons.
  • Alcohol.
  • Tobacco products
  • Items used for identity theft.
  • Items not in your possession.
  • Items that are a safety hazard
  • Products designed to circumvent copyright protection.
  • Age Restricted Products.

  • Gambling products.
  • Financial Products
  • Live Animals
  • Items containing computer virus, malware, etc.
  • Digital Items.
  • Humans, body parts, etc.
  • Sexually explicit items.
  • Items that promote hate, violence, racism or discrimination.

For a complete list of items, you’re not allowed to sell read Mercari’s Prohibited Items Policy.

What is Smart Pricing?

Smart pricing is a feature that allows your price to be adjusted depending on market demand.

Pricing Image1 Image

So in my example above, I’m trying to sell a pair of sunglasses for $170. I can turn on smart pricing and set the floor price at $144. Mercari will automatically adjust the price and notify everyone who has liked your listing of the price drop.

How Do I Transfer Money From Mercari To My Bank Account?

Once you get a few sales on Mercari you may want to transfer your earnings to your bank account. This process is simple.

You have two options when it comes to transferring your money.

Click the name of the transfer method listed below to learn more about it.

  1. Direct Deposit – This involves a checking account and takes a few days for your funds to become available. There is no fee for this service as long as your transfer is at least $10. Otherwise, there is a $2 fee for transfers under $10.
  2. Instant Pay – As the name suggests you get paid instantly. There is a $2 fee to use this service, it uses a debit card to transfer your funds to your account.

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 How Do You Create A Listing On Mercari?

Enough talking let’s get down to listing your first item! Start by opening the Mercari app, and sign in if necessary. If you don’t have an account click the link below to join Mercari.

When you join you’ll get $10 to spend on Mercari and an additional $20 once you complete $100 in sales! *(offer expires 9/30/2020)

-> Join Mercari <-

How Do You Fill Out The Mercari Listing Form?

In this section, I will go over what information you need to include when filling out your mercari listing. I will go over the sections of the listing form, section by section. It’s best to follow along with the Mercari App open on your phone so you can get a full understanding of what you need to do.

Photos Image


One of the most important things to consider when selling online is your photos. Photos are the first thing your buyers see when they are looking for items to buy. These photos can mean the difference between making a sale or having your listing skipped over.

Since your buyer can not physically hold the item you’re selling. You need to have well-lit, focused, photos that show every angle of the item you’re trying to sell.

One method I like to use when taking photos is to imagine the buyer is unable to read the item description. What kind of pictures would you need to take for them so they understand everything about the item you’re trying to sell?

Mercari all you need to know 3 Image
To Take A Picture Using The Mercari App Click The Orange Circle Icon At The Bottom Center Of The App.  It Says “Sell” And Has A Camera Icon. 

Once you click the sell button this will open your phone’s camera and allow you to take the first photo of your item. This will be the main photo people see when they search Mercari so make sure its a good one.

Mercari all you need to know 4 Image

Once you take your first photo a listing page will open, here, you have the option to take up to 11 more photos. You also have the option to use photos from your phone’s photo library. You can use up to 12 photos per listing. I suggest that you use them all. The more information you give your buyer the more likely you are to sell your item.

Item Title

You only get 40 characters for your title. Sometimes it can be hard to fit everything you want to say into such a small space. If you find yourself running out of room try using abbreviations. Some of the ones I use are:

  • SZ = Size
  • NIB = New In Box
  • NWT = New With Tags
  • NWOT= New Without Tags

Most people who buy online will know what these terms mean. It can free up space in your title for more important words such as the brand, color, or other important details you want your buyers to know.


When you’re describing your item, start with the basics: color, size, and texture.

Description Mercari Image

Try to describe your item as if there are no pictures of it. Some questions you may want to ask yourself are: are there any flaws with the item? If so make sure you mention them. What dimensions or measurements would you need to know if you were buying the item? Does the item have a smell to it? What you may consider a pleasant smell may be off-putting to someone else.

Item Details

In this section, you will fill out details about what you are selling. The information you need to enter will vary depending on what you are selling.

Mercari all you need to know 5 Image

As you can see above I’m trying to sell a pair of sunglasses. If you were to try to sell something like a pair of jeans, then you would have a sizing option available.


Based on your title, Mercari will suggest a category for you. Sometimes it can get the category wrong so be sure to double-check what it suggests.

The categories you can choose from are: women, men & kids clothing, home, vintage & collectible, beauty, electronics, sports & outdoor, handmade, and other. There will more than likely be a category for the item you are trying to sell.


If your item has a brand, choose it here. If not (or you don’t know) choose no brand. Choosing the brand helps your potential buyers find your item when they are searching for it on Mercari.


You have 5 conditions to choose from they are:

  • New – new with tags (NWT). Unopened packaging. Unused.
  • Like new – new without tags (NWOT) no signs of wear. Unused.
  • Good – gently used. One / a few minor flaws. Functional.
  • Fair – used, functional, multiple flaws/defects.
  • Poor – major flaws, may be damaged, for parts.

Be sure to choose the one that best describes your item.

Who Pays For Shipping?

Who Pays For Shipping?

When it comes to shipping, you can pay for the shipping or you can have your buyer pay for it.

If you choose to pay for the shipping you have two options.

Prepaid Label

After your item sells, Mercari will email you a shipping label for you to use to ship your item. The cost of this label will be deducted from the sale price of your item. Be sure to factor this into your cost when listing your item.

Ship On Your Own

After your item sells, you will be responsible for getting your shipping label. Getting this shipping label can be done by using an online postage service such as stamps.Com or if you have a PayPal account you can go to https://www.paypal.com/shipnow Sign in, and print your label.

If you choose “buyer,” you will be asked to select a weight and carrier. You will still be emailed the prepaid shipping label, but your buyer will pay for the label instead of you.

Shipping Cost Comparison

Below are examples of shipping prices for different sizes and weights of items. When filling out your shipping information, be sure to weigh your item in the box you’re shipping it in. This will give you a more accurate weight.

Who Pays For Shipping 2 Image
*All fees and rates are based on a comparison completed June 22, 2020.

To provide peace of mind for your customers, items shipped using Mercari prepaid labels will include insurance up to $200 for items that are lost or damaged in transit. You can file claims right from the app.

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How Do You Weigh Your Items?

If you don’t have a scale, get a scale!  I recommend the 25lb USB scale by Dymo.

You’ll want to weigh your item in the box/mailer you plan to ship it in.  This will give you the most accurate weight. 

calculate shipping costs1 Image

After getting the weight of your item, enter it in your listing, Mercari will come back with the price for the different carriers.

calculate shipping costs2 Image

You have to choose the carrier you want to use. There are currently three options; USPSFedEx, or Mercari Pack & Ship (For the last option you bring your item to a UPS store and have them pack and ship it for you.

How Do You Price Your Items?

Deciding on a price for your items can be one of the hardest parts of listing them. On the one hand, you don’t want to price them too high, out of fear no one will buy them. On the other hand, you don’t want to price them too low and lose money.

Pricing Image1 Image
Things To Consider Image

What To Consider When Pricing Your Items?

  1. What is it worth? Check what your item is currently selling for (and has sold for) on Mercari and other popular sites such as eBay, Amazon, or even Google.
  2. How much will the shipping cost? If you choose to ship your items yourself, the cost of the shipping will be coming from your sell price.

Once You Decide On A Price And Enter It Your Profit And Any Fees Will Be Calculated And Displayed.

How Do You Submit Your Mercari Listing?

Submit your listing by clicking the big orange button at the bottom of your screen that says “list” that’s it, you’re done!

List Button Image

FAQs From Mercari Users


Thanks for checking out my article about selling Mercari! I hope you learned what you needed to know about selling on Mercari. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below and I’ll try to answer them.

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