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Opening A Shopify Store: Top 5 Things You Should Do Before Starting One

Shopify is one of the most successful platforms for online businesses. It allows entrepreneurs to set up shop and reach thousands of customers with minimal investment. In case you are interested in setting up a Shopify store, there are a few things that you need to know. In this article, we will discuss some of the essential factors that must be in place before setting up your online store. We will also cover all the information that you need for a successful online business with Shopify. Take a look.

How To Find Products To Sell In Your Shopify Store

You have to identify the product that you intend to sell before opening an online store. This process is unnecessary if you already have a physical store. On the other hand, you still need to take some time and consider it. One of the best things about Shopify is that it allows for dropshipping, which makes it flexible. You can, therefore, switch from one product to another easily without spending even a dime. However, this does not mean that you should throw caution to the wind when settling on a product. The platform just allows you to try another opportunity if the first one fails.

You should browse other stores when looking for product ideas. You’ll easily access their offerings, best-selling items, and products that can influence your product choice. Having such data is essential if you are a beginner entrepreneur. You can also set up accounts on other marketing sites such as Pinterest to identify what sells the most.

An excellent hack that would help you in your search is looking out for product trends. Use google trends to identify the trending products and ascertain whether you can comfortably trade them in your store.

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Things To Do Before Setting Up Your Shopify Store

There exists a to-do’ list before setting up a Shopify store. Remember, you are creating a business site and not a simple blog website. Here are some of the things that you will need:

How To Choose Your Shopify Store Name

You have to pick the right store name that will be used in registering your store. You should settle on a simple name related to your choice of products. You can call your store ShirtPlug if you are selling cool tees. You can ask your friends to suggest the best business name if you have a problem settling on one. There also exists a Business Name Generator that can serve you just fine.

How To Design A Logo For Your Shopify Store

Logos play an essential role in marketing and creating an identity for your business. You must, therefore, invest in a good logo that your customers can quickly identify. You don’t have to be a designer or spend a lot of money on hiring one. Sites such as Hatchful allows you to create logos and pick the best easily.

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How To Fill Out Your Billing Information

You must have valid billing information in place before setting up your Shopify store’s account. The good news is that you won’t be charged until the trial period of your account ends. Have a debit or credit card in check. You can cancel your membership anytime before the lapse of two weeks at no extra cost.

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Where To Find Suppliers For Your Products

You need to find suppliers if you are venturing on dropshipping or looking to import products to your store. Finding suppliers is not necessary if you have a running physical store where you will source the goods. The supplier you settle on depends on your taste and wants. Keep in mind that these suppliers have their advantages and disadvantages. However, pick one that will deliver goods promptly, which is a big issue with online purchases. An excellent hack that would help you in finding the best products is avoiding the lowest priced products.

Most of the time, price is directly proportional to quality. The lowest-priced product mostly has a lower quality, a phenomenon that you should avoid. Your supplier should also have higher positive customer feedback. You will quickly know a supplier’s sales volume based on the feedback score. Also, make sure that there is a higher positive feedback rate. Settle on products that have been bought by several people and have several positive customer reviews.

Lastly, you need to gauge the responsiveness of your supplier. You can write the supplier a message and see how fast he or she replies. You do not want a situation where you will be stranded because you cannot promptly reach your supplier.

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Paypal or Shopify Payments? – How To Choose Your Payment Gateway

You need a means of payment. Therefore, settle on a payment avenue such as the Shopify Payments or Paypal and start collecting money from your customers.

How To Set Up Your Shopify Store

It is time to build your Shopify store once you have everything in order. Shopify allows you to create your store in no time. You don’t have to get a server and upload an eCommerce system like in the old days. To set up your store, visit, and start your free trial. You will then be asked to provide your store name, after which you can now create a store. The whole process doesn’t even take five minutes.

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Choosing A Store Theme

You will need a store theme shortly after creating your store. Fortunately, there is a Shopify Theme Store, where you will get several themes. An excellent hack would be to find a theme that does not require much of your time.

After going through the themes and identifying one that sets your soul ablaze, click on it. You can also customize your themes and edit how your store looks. Keep in mind that the first impression is everything to a business.

Once you click on the customize theme option, you will see different theme sections on the right-hand sidebar. You can then manipulate each of the parts until you get the right feel. If possible, customize the theme to reflect the products. You can then add your logo, which will sell your store far and wide.

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What Essential Pages Should You Setup For Your Shopify Store?

You also need to prepare your official pages once the theme and logo are setup. Out of all the pages, four are the most essential.

About Us Page

The first is the About us page, which allows you to sell yourself to your customers. It is advisable that you keep it short and to the point at the beginning.

Shipping & Delivery Page

The shipping and delivery information page also plays an essential role. You can easily copy-paste this from several e-commerce platforms.

Contact Us Page

The Contact Us page allows you to keep your customers close, which is an integral part of the business. You will provide the contact information that the customers can use to reach you.

Policy Page

The last essential page is the policy page, which handles issues touching on refunds, price, and Terms Of Service (TOS) statements. You can easily create this by clicking settings and then going to the Checkout section to get different parts. Since your primary target is sales, add a payment option after setting up the standard pages. You can then adjust your shipping settings by deleting all non-international shipping zones. You should also change the international shipping rate to Free.

A good move would be including more delivery options for your customers. Free shipping can come in handy at the beginning. Lastly, you need to set up billing information in the account information.

How To Add Products To Your Shopify Store

You can either manually install products to your store or use automation apps such as Oberlo. Oberlo can also be set up to automatically ship products to your customers when you receive an order. How convenient?

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Improving Your Store

Improvement You Can Make To Your Shopify Store

There are a few things that you can do to improve your Shopify store.

Use Trust Seal Apps

A good move would be using Free Trust Seals App, which will increase customer trust. This application displays several security logos at the far end of the page.

Help Foreign Users – Display Prices In Multiple Currencies

You should also display prices in multiple currencies to target different markets. However, do not just place any figure. Use a currency conversion tool to optimize your conversion rates. A currency conversion tool also improves your accuracy.

Create A FAQ Page

You should create a FAQ page that answers some of the critical questions your customers may have regarding the store or the products on sale. A FAQ page will also save you time instead of answering customers’ questions individually. You can answer a range of questions but first start with the basic ones, including the shipping time and the authenticity of the products. You should also use product images instead of custom banners. Customers are highly impatient, and they need to see the product at a glance. This move will also save you time and money.

Setup Cart Recovery Emails

Lastly, invest in cart recovery emails to remind potential customers that they have goods in their carts. You can also have a pop-up box which will gather emails from visitors and even offer discounts.


Shopify is one of the best avenues that you can use to set up an online shop. However, make sure that you have everything in check if you want a successful online business. All in all, you can never go wrong with a Shopify store.

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