Selling Used Car Parts: A Helpful Guide To Getting Started Selling Used Car Parts 2

Selling Used Car Parts: A Helpful Guide To Getting Started

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In this article, I will teach you everything you need to know to get started buying and selling used auto parts and selling them online.

Why Sell Used Auto Parts?

Buying and selling auto parts online can be a very profitable business. If you’ve ever had to repair your car or truck you know how expensive parts can be.

Sometimes it feels like they are made of gold instead of steel and plastic.  Also, you never run out of customers, as people are getting in accidents every day and needing parts to replace the ones they damaged. 

Selling parts online involves drive, research and a willingness to get your hands dirty.  Do not think you can just go buy a bunch of random parts and hope to succeed. 

I did this when I first started and was soon stuck with parts that I couldn’t sell. Learn from my mistakes and keep reading.

Where Do I Get The Parts To Sell?

The first questions people ask when starting to sell online is “where do I get the items to sell?” In this case, used auto parts.

The best place to purchase used auto parts is from automotive salvage yards. The ones that allow you to pull the parts yourself are the best, as the parts are usually cheaper because you do all the work of finding and pulling the parts.

Salvage yards are a modern-day operation, as such many have websites where you can see what cars they plan to put out and the ones they currently have available.

The fastest way to find salvage yards near you is to do a search on Google Maps.

Which Parts Do I To Buy To Sell?

Now the research begins…This is where the research part of the process comes in. eBay is a great tool for this, especially if you plan to sell your parts on eBay.

Use the following Procedure to help you find used parts to sell

Selling Used Car Parts: A Helpful Guide To Getting Started Selling Used Car Parts 3

Go to and search for the information about the automobile you’ve found on the salvage yard’s website. (This will be the year make and model of the automobile).

On the results page to the left choose used listing and sold..

On the results page to the left choose used listing and sold…

Selling Used Car Parts: A Helpful Guide To Getting Started Selling Used Car Parts 4

At the top of the page choose to sort the results by “ended recently”.

These results will be what you need to look at, scroll through the results to get an idea of what parts are selling for the make, and model your researching.

Make notes of the ones you see over and over, these will be your money makers and what you need to be on the lookout for when in the Salvage yard.

To The Salvage Yard, We Go! What You Will Need & What To Expect.

Each salvage yard may have their own rules and regulations. Some of the more common ones are:

  • No open toe shoes (so don’t plan to pull parts in your flip flops).
  • No bookbags (they do this to cut down of theft).
  • No Jacks on the yard. ( They don’t want you dropping a car on your head).

Also, most salvage yards charge an entrance fee (usually $1-$4) and core charges on certain parts (alternators, water pumps, etc).

These stickers mean there was or is blood or other bodily fluid in the car… Selling a part isn’t worth catching a disease.

What Tools Do I Need To Take With Me?

Before heading to the salvage yard, you will need a few tools. Below are the tools I use and recommend. By clicking on the links below you will be taken to where you purchase the tool.

Selling Used Car Parts: A Helpful Guide To Getting Started Selling Used Car Parts 5Screw Driver
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Where Do I Store My Parts Inventory?

When you first start pull and selling parts, if you have a spare room or garage this can be a great place to store your parts.  as your inventory begins to build you may find yourself needing a larger space to store your parts.  One option is to get a storage unit. Small ones are usually aren’t very expensive, just make sure to get one close to where you live,  driving across town to get a part when it sells will eat into your profits. Another option is to purchase a pre-built utility shed. (I personally bought an Arrow Steel Storage Shed and a few shelving units. It took a few weekends to get everything put together but works great, and saves money on storage unit rent.

Do I Test The Parts?

This is a question I debated for a while. I finally decided it was better not to test the used parts. Why?  I figured doing the research on how to power the equipment on and testing it wasn’t worth my time. The customer who has the car the part fits in will test the part as soon as they plug it in. They will let you know if it doesn’t work.  Offer a 30-day return policy, and make sure you keep money set aside for any parts that may come up faulty.

Hopefully, you found this information helpful and will be able to put it to good use.

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