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Selling On Etsy: 3 Tips For Selling Creative Goods

If you are a creative person, you’ve probably considered looking to make money from your creativity. Making things for fun is great, but the bills still need to get paid, and extra funds to keep your bank balance topped-up are always welcome.

Fortunately, there are many ways to make money selling online these days, and there are even some tailored directly for creative people like you. Selling the results of your creativity is easy with services like the Etsy store. So what is Etsy, and how can you get up and running with it?

Etsy is an online marketplace targeted at selling hand-crafted goods, vintage goods, one-of-a-kind goods, and many other types of creative goods. It is not designed for selling third-party mass-produced goods made by other people and companies. If you have put some creative effort into the product you will be selling, then Etsy is probably right for you. If you are buying products wholesale and re-selling them, then Etsy is the wrong place to do it.

Here are a few tips for selling on Etsy.

 1. You Can Sell Digital Goods In Addition To Physical Ones.

Don’t want to manufacture and ship physical products? If you prefer selling digital goods, then Etsy has you covered. There are various digital products that can be sold via the Etsy marketplace, including sewing patterns, printables that people can use for event stationery, and digital art that people can use on print-on-demand products for their own use, and many other products too.

The site is not an ideal place for selling software, but you can find many other online stores. Etsy’s system for automatically delivering digital goods is a little sparse in functionality, unfortunately. Images are generally fine, but you may need to send them to the buyer manually by providing them with a download for some other goods.

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2.When It Comes To Selling, More Is Better.

A store selling only a small number of products is a turn-off for most people and a problem for other reasons. Most people will walk-on-by a physical store with a sparse collection of goods, and the same is true for online stores.

The more products you have to sell, the more that potential customers will take you seriously. A wide selection of products with variations on each also gives your customers more choice in customizing their order to suit themselves and encourages them to buy your goods as a bundle rather than one at a time.

Another problem with a limited selection of goods is visibility. To buy from your store, customers first need to find it, and the most common way for them to do this is in the search and recommendation system. The more products you have, the more likely they will show up in a search.

Don’t go too far, though. Putting up a large number of sub-par products can be worse than putting up a small number of good items. Try to build your inventory over time as you create things that sell in the store, and don’t be afraid to remove items from the sale that no-one is interested in.

3. Don’t Rely Entirely On Etsy To Promote Your Goods.

Etsy is a marketplace with a large population of shoppers, so people will eventually find your store and look at what you are selling if you want your store to succeed, though, you will also need to find ways to market it yourself.

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The advantage of selling creative goods is that they are great for attracting people’s interest, and social media sites are a great place to encourage that interest. So post images and videos of your products to as many social media sites as possible and join in with discussions that allow you to mention your store.

Try to find creative ways to promote your product without being a pest about it. Remember that people love to buy things but hate to be sold to. Etsy is a great place to make a little cash from your creative endeavors, and you can even make a living with it if you are diligent enough. Whether you are looking to turn a hobby into some side cash or start a full-time business, Etsy can be a great place to start selling online.

So start thinking about turning your creative efforts into something that other people might like to buy, and turn that creative energy into money you can spend.