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Selling On Instagram: 5 Tips For Getting Started

Have you ever been scrolling through your Instagram feed and suddenly you see a product that you really like?

Targeted ads like this pop up on Instagram feeds all the time. They have a shopping linked attached to them, so you can actually use Instagram as a shopping platform for your customers!

In this article, we are going to cover the steps to successfully selling on Instagram; whether it be products or services we will show you how. If you are someone who is looking to primarily sell to a younger demographic (18-30), then Instagram might just be the platform for you.

As Instagram is the 3rd most popular social media platform in the world, with over 200 million users, you will be sure to get a lot of reach!

So here are some simple steps you can follow to ensure the best possible results from selling on Instagram.

Selling on Instagram choosing what to sell

Selling on Instagram: Choosing What To Sell

When It Comes To Selling On Instagram, You’ll Want To Make Sure That What You Plan To Sell, Will Actually Sell.

Due To Instagram Being A Primarily Photo-Based Platform. Products That Have A Strong Visual Identity Do Well On Instagram.

Some Of The Best Items Selling On Instagram, Include Clothing, Food, Home Decor, And Beauty Products.

If You Think You Fall Into One Of These Categories, You Will Need To Make Sure That Your Instagram Profile Is Visually Appealing And Includes All Of The Information A Potential Buyer Will Need To Purchase Your Product.

How To Create A Business Profile On Instagram

You Can Take Your Instagram Profile A Step Further By Turning It Into A Business Profile. This Allows You To Get A Better Look Into Your Instagram Insights, To See How Different Posts Are Doing, For Analytics Purposes.

You Can Also Add Information Such As Your Business Address, Website And Contact Information. You Will Also Be Able To Post Promotional Content.

In Order To Set Up A Business Instagram Profile, You Will Need To Have A Pre-Existing Business Page On Facebook.

To Connect This Page To Your Instagram Account You Will Need To Go To Your Profile, Select “Options” And Click “Switch To Business Profile”.

This Will Take You Through The Instructions To Linking Your Business Facebook To Your Instagram And Voila! – You Are All Set Up And Looking Professional.

Simply Choose The Best Category For Your Items And You Are Ready To Go.

How To Set Up The Shopping Feature On Instagram

If You Would Like To Use Instagram’s Pre-Existing Shop Feature, Then Here Are The Steps To Set It Up.

1. Create A Shopify Store

The Platform On Instagram Is Designed To Work Alongside A Shopify Store, So You Will Need One To Set Up An Instagram Store. Check out our article on starting a Shopify store.

2. Check Your Eligibility

Not All Stores Will Be Eligible For Using The Shop Feature On Instagram. Although It Is Available Across The United States And Canada, Users In Europe Or Asia Will Need To Check That Their Country Qualifies For The Feature.

3. Link Your Facebook Channel

As Mentioned Above You Will Need To Link Your Business Facebook Account To Your Instagram To Use The Business Shopping Features. This Is To Ensure A Seamless Service And Data Compatibility Between The Two Sites.

4. Create A Business Account

Again, You Will Need To Follow The Above Steps To Set Up Your Business Instagram Account.

5. Link The Instagram Sales Channel To Your Shopify Store

The Final Step Is The Put Instagram And Shopify Together. Simply Link Your Instagram To Your Shopping Store And They Will Work Perfectly In Unison.

Simply Post Your Images On Instagram And You Will Be Able To Provide Shopping Links To Your Shopify Store. Make Sure That You Have An Engaging Image And Image Caption To Sell Your Product! Tell The User Everything They Might Want To Know! You Will Be Able To Tag Up To 5 Products Per Image Or 20 Products Per Image Carousel That Links Users Directly To The Product Purchase Page.

Ready To Go.

How To Use Instagram Stories

Although Using Traditional Instagram Photos Is A Great Way To Get Users To Shop For Your Products, Instagram Stories Are A Great Way To Promote 24-Hour Sales Or Quick Promotions.

Instagram Stories Are Only Visible For 24 Hours, So If You Have A Sale You Can Post Lots Of Images Of Your Products Without Seeming Like You Are Spamming The User On The Main Instagram Feed. People Often Post A Lot More Casual Content To Their Instagram Stories So The Stakes For Amazing Photos Aren’t So High.

E-Commerce Features Included In Stories Can Allow People To Click On Tags To Direct Them Directly To Your Store. It Is Really A Fantastic User Experience That Gives You Excellent Marketing.

How To Make Your Content Stand Out

All This Technical Information On How To Set Up An Instagram Shop Is All Well And Good, But You Will Need To Make Sure That What You Are Publishing Will Actually Get Clicks.

This Isn’t Down To The Platform, But Down To The Content You Publish. Here Are Some Tips To Ensure The Greatest Chance Of Success.

  • Use High-Quality Photos – You Will Not Get Away With Using Blurry Images As Users Will Not Want To Click To Find Out More. The Best Photos Aren’t Too Staged But Have An Authenticity To Them. Using Influencers To Market Your Products By Using Them In Day To Day Life Is A Really Great Idea!
  • Pay Attention To Trends – Viral Content And Memes Are A Really Good Opportunity For Marketing As They Allow You To Piggyback On Free Virality. If Something Is Popular And Does Well Then It Will Really Give Your Shop A Boost!
  • Include A Call-To-Action In The Caption – Aside From The Image Itself, A Really Great Caption That Captivates The User To Click Will Really Convert Interested People Into Buyers.

Overall, Instagram Is A Fantastic Platform For Sellers And If You Sell A Very Visual Product Then You Will Do Well Here! The Social Media Site Provides Many Tools To Make It Easy To Expand Your Marketing And Learn More From Your Analytics.

Simply Follow These Steps And You’ll Have A Successful Store In No Time!

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