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Top 5 Places To Find Great Items To Sell On eBay

When starting on eBay, finding items to sell can sometimes be difficult. Who am I kidding? I’ve been selling on eBay for the better part of a decade and still have trouble finding items to sell… In this guide, I will share my knowledge and give you some resources to help you find items you can sell on eBay.

#1 Thrift Stores

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Clothing Bought From Goodwill Outlet – Cost Around $40

Thrift stores are a great place to start when you’re looking for items to sell. Be aware, though, thrift stores seem to be the standard go-to place to find things, and it can be a very competitive place to find them.  National thrift store chains such as Goodwill and Salvation Army are becoming wise to online resellers and are raising their prices. There are a few options left for the reseller who wants to turn a profit from items they find at thrift stores.

What Is A Goodwill Outlet?

Goodwill Outlet is a Goodwill store where items are sold by the pound, instead of per item. If your thinking of becoming a clothing reseller, this is the place for you. What you would pay for a few shirts at a retail Goodwill store, you can get a few bags full of at the outlet.

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Click Here To Find A Goodwill Outlet Near You.

#2 Garage/Yard Sales

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These can be hit and miss. Sometimes you find gems other times crap. You will come across a ton (and I mean a ton) of worthless nicknacks and items that should have been thrown in the trash. However, going to enough yard sales and profitable items will begin to stick out when you do see them. An example of this was once I was at a typical yard sale looking around and not finding much; they had the normal stuff you expect to see at a yard sale in the south—religious figurines, boots, old blue jeans, etc. When an item laid out on a bedsheet on the ground caught my eye. It was a neatreceipts portable scanner similar to these. So I asked the seller how much for the scanner? Umm…$10? I could hardly get the money out of my pocket fast enough. The scanner looked practically brand new; it was still in the original box. It looked like they had opened the box and said, never mind, I don’t need to scan my receipts and put it up. I could get it for $10 and flip it on eBay for that same day for over $150!

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There are a few apps you can download on your phone that help you find yard sales in your area. The ones I’ve used are:

“The Yard Sale Treasure Map” for (iOS) – (Android)

“Garage Sale Map” for (iOS) – (Android)

These apps are great for helping you plan your yard sale route, or when your out and about driving around trying to find yard sales, they can help you find ones you may have missed otherwise.

#3 Auto Parts

I’ve sold auto parts online for years. It can be dirty work, but it can also be very profitable. The basic concept of this idea is to go to auto salvage yards and pull parts from cars that you can flip on eBay for a profit. The trick to this is knowing what to buy. Not every window motor or window switch is profitable; do your research and look at eBay’s sold items before buying your first part. There was one window switch I could pull out of an early 2000 Lexus that I could sell in a few days for between $150-$200! If you would like to learn more about selling auto parts online, read my other article, “Selling Used Auto Parts.”

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#4 Storage Auctions

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These kinds of auctions became very popular when reality TV shows such as  Storage WarsStorage Hunters, and Auctions Hunters got the public interested in finding hidden treasure in storage units.  This caused it to become challenging to turn a profit on storage units. At the time of the shows hight of popularity, everyone was bidding up storage units, thinking the locker they were bidding on contained the long lost painting from Pueblo Picasso or some other life-changing item.  Luckily this fade has faded, and you can now buy storage units at reasonable prices.  Like the yard sales, though, be prepared to sort through a sea of useless crap to find a few nuggets you can profit on. Remember, someone trash can be someone else’s treasure, but I can also be your trash as well…

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If you’re looking for auctions in your area I recommend AuctionZip.Com  Just enter your zip code and it will show you the auctions near you.

#5 Around The House

For my final place to find items, I’ll leave you with the place your most familiar with… Your home!  Take a look around, is there stuff you no longer use? or clothes you no longer wear? These items can be sold on eBay. Even if you don’t make $100’s of dollars, $10 here and there can start to add up after a little while. Don’t think everything you sell has to be a giant moneymaker. Think of it like this; you can sell 5 items at $10 each for $50 or sell no items because you didn’t think it was worth enough and make $0…

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There are many places to find items to sell on eBay. Remember to keep your eyes open. You may see a lot of trash, but you never know when you’ll come across that one item that will make it all worth it. If your new to selling on eBay and need help setting up your account, my guide ” How Do I Sell My Stuff On eBay?”  shows you step by step what you need to do to get your account setup and get your first listing up.  Happy Hunting!